Increase your nursing home or senior care facility profits. Reduce your risks. And manage your community with best-in-class care.


Every day, assisted living communities are faced with growing challenges:

resident care and monitoring, staff quality control, new compliance laws, and ever-increasing legal exposure.

Today, the average assisted living community lawsuit is:
$ 100000
while the average elopement suit has skyrocketed to
$ 150000
per incident.

Finally, there’s a solution that helps address all of these issues in a simple, secure and easy-to-use platform. Introducing...

by WytCote Technologies

Now you can track your residents’ locations in and out of the community.

You can detect falls and moisture levels – as they happen.
You’ll be able to see where your staff is, easily assign them tasks, and track their progress.
You can see and monitor your physical plant conditions such as room and water temperature as well as battery life levels on wearables, smoke detectors and CO2 detectors.

Imagine showing residents’ families that you are providing their loved ones with the best-in-class, monitored care possible.

Powered by Wytecote’s Autobahn of IoT™, SeniorSense™ easily tracks your residents, your team, your vendors and visitors, as well as your physical plant conditions with unparalleled real-time visibility. Plus, SeniorSense™ easily integrates with your existing solutions, software, call systems and wearables into one place, with one dashboard.

The unparalleled SeniorSense™ system keeps track of all of this and more, providing health alerts to care team and families, or responsible parties. Plus, it keeps detailed records to reduce your risks and increase your HIPAA compliance while giving residents and families greater peace of mind.

Imagine showing residents’ families that you are providing their loved ones with the best-in-class, monitored care.

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